Roma Visual Lab 5. (2015)

Representation/Self-representation. Identity Constructs in the Representation of Roma People

In the course of the semester, we relied on the themes of representation and self-representation to address the significations constructed by cinematic and photographic representations of the Roma people. Relating to the themes and explorations of the workshops of previous semesters, the interpretations allowed us to understand the norms operated by the signifier gaze, which give rise to these significations pertaining to Roma people, thereby shaping knowledge about the Roma in everyday reality. At the same time, the course intended to show such representations that react to all of these approaches, for instance by confronting them or giving rise to alternative significations. We made an effort to point out the moments when the presented pieces or the invited guests deconstructed and reinterpreted cemented significations and categories in connection with their works and began to speak and respond along the lines of new contents and roles. Therefore, we focused on the process when emphasis falls on back-talk, seeking one’s voice, self-expression and through all of these, self-fulfilment.

Final report: Roma Visual Lab 2015 (detailed version)

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