Roma Visual Lab 3. (2013)

Roma Cultural, Artistic and Political Activities after the Regime Change

Anthropological image interpretation with the participation of artists, social researchers, film experts and university students. A joint event of DocuArt and the Department of Media at the ELTE Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies.The program of this year’s Roma Image Studio was organised and carried out by a team that is mostly identical with last year’s community. In 2011 we had analysed documentarian approaches employed in the representation of Roma people, and in 2012, the key concept in the selection of films and guests had been visibility, by which we understood possible ways of “regaining control over identity”. In 2013 we selected the screening material and organised the related discussions based on similar aspects. This time, however, emphasis was on the Roma cultural, artistic and political achievements of the post-socialist period. Our films and guests featured members of the generation who were influential figures, beneficiaries, or perhaps victims of the democratic transition. We endeavoured to examine the results and the possibilities of carrying on through products of contemporary art. The 2013 program was centred on the notions of memory and identity.

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