Roma Visual Lab 11. (2021)

The history and current situation of minor images in Hungary

One of the research projects of the Minor Media/Culture Research Centre, founded at the Department of Media and Communication at ELTE University, is to map the history and current state of participatory video production, or more broadly of participatory and art-based image making (minor media) in Hungary. The term „minor media” in this case refers to the role of participatory image-making in the self-representation of minority communities. In this context, we are also exploring alternative image-making that can serve as a counterweight to the dominant images (distributed in public service and commercial media). The publicity of this research will be the six-part film programme of the Roma Visual Lab in 2021. According to the instruction of the Dean of the ELTE Faculty of Humanities, the teaching in the 2020-2021/2 semester will be conducted online, so until otherwise stated, the location of the Roma Visual Lab 2021 program will be the Zoom platform of the Institute for Art Theory and Media Research, ELTE. The post-film discussion will take place on Zoom, and the discussions will be broadcast on the Roma Visual Lab Facebook page and made public on the Roma Visual Lab Youtube channel.

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1. Participatory video in Hungary and on the global stage

Films: the programme will include several Hungarian and foreign films, preceded by a summary short film: Hernádszentandrás-Budapest (2019) Catalyst workshop short film:

Guests: Sára Haragonics and László Halász documentary filmmakers, teachers; and the participants from Hernádszentandrás and Budapest. Host: Márk Ivánkai

2. Community development and documentary film as applied anthropological methods

Films: Small worlds, Who are we and for what reason? Documentary series in the Balázs Lippai Roma College

Guests: Gábor Biczó anthropologist, Henriett Szabó ethnographer, Ms. Gellért Gina Rézműves kindergarten teacher. Host: Ádám Ujvári.

3. Queer country: domestic documentary activism

Films: Village romance (Kriszta Bódis, 2007)

Guests: Kriszta Bódis filmmaker, Mária Takács photographer, Dezső Máté researcher, roma and LMBTQ activist. Hosts: Laura Strausz, Martin Vigh

4. Fragments of conversations from the last 10 years.

Guests: Márton Árva researcher, János Bársony historian, Judit Csatlós curator, Ágnes Daróczi activist, Sára Gábor artist, Tamás Jónás poet, Máté Kerényi ex-member of the Roma Visual Lab, Viktória Kondi ex-member of the Roma Visual Lab, Kata Lázár ex-member of the Roma Visual Lab, András Müllner leader of the Roma Visual Lab, Andrea Pócsik researcher and ex-leader of the Roma Visual Lab, János Sugár artist, András Tábori artist, Lili Thury graphic designer. Hosts: Lili Tamara Ott and Franciska Sári

5. Images of Roma in the Independent Media in Hungary

Films: Telex- and Partisan-videos

Guests: Nikolett Suha and Joci Márton, members of the Ame Panzh Roma activist group, Balázs Cseke and Tamás Szilli journalists (Telex), Noémi Hatala (Partisan), Zsuzsanna Döme politician, „passivist”. Host: Orsolya Tóth-Gyóllai

6. Roma Visual Lab Cinezin-workshop. Program in collaboration with the OFF-Biennale, Hungary.

Facilitator: Lili Thury.

7. Late birth Film: Late birth, Edit Kőszegi and Péter Szuhay filmmakers (2002), Our common cause. Summer camp for Roma youngsters in 1979 (Mária Iványi, 1979)

Guests: Ágnes Daróczi, Péter Szuhay, Teri Szűcs. Hosts: Lídia Gyenes, Anna Szőke-Tóth.

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