Roma Visual Lab 10. (2020)

Images and Places of Memory in Roma/Gypsy Public Education

The possibilities in public education offered by a society to its own minorities and vulnerable groups hold an accurate mirror to that society. Documentary film is capable of functioning as such a mirror when it explores the diverse forms of public education. The season’s theme at the 2020 Roma Image Studio is gypsy public education and its cinematic representation.

The travelling cinema of the 2000s (József Kővári Borz) will come to life, along with the first gypsy film festivals in Budapest, the historical methods of gypsy children’s education and their cinematic representations, a gypsy public education camp on amateur film, and memories about the film titled Gyuri Cséplő will be rekindled. Special program on the International Roma Day, 8th of April!

The film screenings and the subsequent discussions are public, and video recordings of them will be published on the Roma Image Studio’s Youtube channel:

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